Meet The Executives


Vanessa Pellicciotta

My name is Vanessa and I am the President of the Vanier College Student Association. As President, I am the spokesperson and face of the organisation. I am mandated to oversee all the affairs of the other executives as well as any VCSA project. I organise and chair all of our General Assemblies, which happen at the beginning and end of every semester. I also fill in for any position that’s vacant.

Vice President

Dylan Darragh 

Hey guys, I’m Dylan your Vice-President.  I assist the President in managing the association. I also concern myself with the overall brand of the VCSA. As the Vice-President I want to improve internal functionality of the council. I want to improve our relation with the College and administration.  Above all else i want to ensure that the VCSA respect our four values of Education, Inclusive, Education and Student Support.


Ben Stix

Internal Affairs Officer

Sabrina Sorger

Communications Coordinator 1

Humam Hawara

Communications Coordinator 2

Alannah Grant

Hello! I am one of the VCSA Communications Coordinators. I am the liaison between the Association and the students. My responsibilities include promoting VCSA events and projects, managing our social media accounts, and managing merchandise. I am also a coordinator of our volunteer staff. I want to make VCSA projects known to students, so they can benefit as much as possible!

Academic Affairs Coordinator

Tristan Vieira

Community Coordinator 1

Geeta Tewari

Community Coordinator 2

Veronica Galavis

Clubs Coordinator 1

Beniel Dubé

Clubs Coordinator 2

Hanin Fakih